This series features 8- and 10-ply straight
American Hardrock Shells with the customer's choice of satin or high gloss lacquer finish.
Due to the shell-construction the sound
of these drums is on the darker side of the spectrum with a lot of sensitivity.
AMC Series snaredrums are available
in diameters from 10'' to 14'' and shell
depths from 4'' to 10''.

Our Master Series snaredrums are made of 8- or 10-ply shells with 6-ply reinforcing rings installed on the top and bottom of the drumshell. Soundwise, these snaredrums are on the bright side, they also have a lot of projection.
Diameters: 10'', 12'', 13'', 14''
Depth: 4'' to 10''


These shells are handcrafted of solid
segments of carefully selected hardwoods
which have been air-dried for many years.
Shells are manufactured one at a time by
an skilled craftsman making every snaredrum unique masterpiece of work.
These snaredrums produce an articulated,
bright and wonderful wooden tone.

The Solid Segment Shell snaredrums are
available in 13'' and 14'' diameters with depths ranging from 4,5'' to 7'' in the customer's
choice of satin or high gloss lacquer finish.

Choices for Solid Segment Shell snaredrums are:
Maple / Birch / Pear / Cherry / Beech / other woods on limited basis